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The Gathering 2018

Well thats it over for another year. 

A big thanks to all the volunteers that helped out over the weekend.


Registration, Merchandise Tent, Putting up and taking down the stands and banners and bunting, for the putting out of all the signs telling us all where to go, to the road crew both CVH and the Volunteers from the other chapters that helped out and those that offered to help but were not needed. 


Well Done to the Ladies of Harley and their Charity raising efforts.


The Weather was Fantastic. 


A big pat on the back to the committee who have already started planning for next year. 


Thanks to all the bands and traders for putting on an excellent show.


Thanks to David Dain and his team at Hunters Quay, above and beyond the call as always. 


And a Big thanks to all the attendees for coming, and we hope to see you again next year.


Date for the Diary: 7th to 10th June 2019

This will be a special Year for Clyde Valley as the Chpter will be 20 years old, so we are looking at making it a little more special. 

CVH 1999-2019 Twenty Years and Still Riding.