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Clyde Valley HOG - CRAGG 2018 

The Clydevalley, Redrose And Geordie Get together. 

The Ride on Saturday 14th April to the CRAGG will leave West Coast on Saturday Moring. 

Meet at WCHD at 10:00

G52 4FA


For those heading to Gretna Early and staying Friday Night, The Geordie Chapter are orginising a ride out from the Hotel on Saturday, If youo are interested please make contact with the Geordie Chapter when you get there. 

The Sunday Ride outs 15th April will be as follows:

For those not attending the CRAGG leaving from West Coast  Meeting at 9:30am

For those at the CRAGG meeting at the Hotel carpark at 11:00 am 

Both Ride outs will be heading for the David Coulthard Museum. 

For those wishing to attend please contact the Gertna Hall Hotel direct as there may be the odd cancellation or there are lots of B&Bs within crawling distance, You will need to book your place at the evening event (including meal dieect with the Hotel.  

The Gretna Hall Hotel